Imr 4895 vs h4895

Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Feb Here is what I have: Cooper Arms M22 in. H is 65fps faster than IMR which is negligible. Deviations on chronograph for high to low velocity for 5 shots is 20fps for IMR and 30fps for H Which powder should choose for my load? Both loads are so close that there is no clear choice.

I've never used either powder before but this rifle really likes BOTH. Does one of these powders have any more desirable characteristics than the other? Thanks for any feedback. Joined: Sep Southern Arkansas. Both had the same charge limits. IF H is Extreme, I would probably choose it.

imr 4895 vs h4895

Good Luck Jerry. Joined: Jun Joined: Mar SE Nebraska. Joined: Oct Arizona, USA. I'd take the IMR for the lot-to-lot consistency according to Sierra, the best in the business for a long time.

Also because it's made in N. America by an American company.

223 rem using Hodgdon H4895 and Hornady 75gr BTHP testing handloads

I just ran into a "light" lot of IMR It varies too. Joined: Aug When I was working up loads for my wildcat. I found loads with H which only varied 5 fps between three shots while IMR was a bit more - fps as I recall from memory. I also prefer the IMR version of in several other cartridges or loads including, and grain X bullets in the 7mm It sounds like you don't have enough variance either way to matter.

Use whatever is easier to get reliably or is less expensive. Sometimes, the air you 'let in'matters less than the air you 'let out'. Joined: Jan Around here h is 3 bucks a pound cheaper than IMR. That is the biggest difference between them.Remember Me? Results 1 to 11 of Thread: H vs IMR Thread Tools Show Printable Version. H vs IMR I have not yet used either of the powders.

I keep seeing it come up in the threads and see it in many of my reloading manuals for calibers I load for ,7. I have always thought the data is listed in order by best performance, I don't know if that is true or not though.

Is one powder typically better then the other or may be I should say one have any advantage over the other? Which do you use? Even in reloading manuals, powder is listed from fastest to slowest by burn rate, just like in powder burn rate charts.

Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. Sigmund Freud. H meters better than IMR According to the Hodgdon manual article the burning speed difference is negligable do to lot variations of the powders themselves.

So they wind up being pretty much the same. I like them both but if I had to choose it would be H I keep trying to stay afloat but can't help from shooting holes in my own boat. Haven't seen H in quite awhile. H meters better and more accurately as each stick is shorter and smaller in lenght than IMR H is also an "Extreme" powder and less temperature sensitive.I know, from perusing load data tables and personal experience, that Hodgdon Varget is a very versatile rifle powder.

I thought it would be interesting to document how well it performs in the most popular rifle cartridges. In the article, Robson notes that H performs well in a wide range of cartridges, plus it has the unique property of being suitable for building significantly reduced loads. I recalled reading this article sometime in the past, but its significance had slipped my mind. What I decided to do is a double comparison study.

I selected 10 of the most popular non-magnum rifle cartridges, from. I used the on-line Hodgdon Reloading Data Center to obtain maximum powder charges and muzzle velocities for each load, and other on-line tools to calculate other ballistic data.

Starting with the first cartridge, the. The variable labeled "f. I noticed that Varget and H loads were often noticeably more efficient than other powders, in terms of muzzle velocity to powder charge ratio. The data in the f. The powder producing the top velocity is listed first under each caliber. It happens that Varget generates the highest MV of all powders listed in the Hodgdon reloading table with the 55 grain Speer soft point bullet.

Note the row labeled "H - Varget Ratio. For instance, the ratio number, Powder - Max. Looking at the numbers and ratios, I see no remarkable differences between Varget and H in this case. The MPBR numbers indicate that the 55 grain. Hodgdon Superformance powder is the top performer in the.

Varget and H fall some five to seven percent below Superformance in MV. This is of no practical consequence, though, as there is still plenty of retained energy at yards to alter the life state of any varmint. Bottom line: the. Note the f. This is a pattern that is common from here onward. I chose to stick with a varmint weight bullet in the. I think the most interesting result is that the. The only practical difference would be that the 75 grain.

Superformance is the top powder for this load, but Varget and H fall less than five percent short in MV. Note that Superformance generates about 16 f. I chose not to work up a light big game load for the. Suffice to say that the. However, I am more comfortable with bigger bullets for deer-sized game. This brings us to the threshold of true big game cartridges, which in my mind starts with the.Print Thread.

Hop To. Joined: Mar Is H a better powder for gr match bullet use than IMR ? Joined: Jun What kind of load are you wanting to put together with a ?

Varget vs. H4895

I have been using 43 grs IMR and gr Hornady hpbt, but I see on the Hodgdon website that H delivers similar velocity with less pressure. Thought one of the crew may have some knowledge on this. Been shooting and yd F Class, with 's.

Joined: Jan When I played along those lines I tried both in my M1As. I simply used whichever gave best accuracy and consistency.

Typically it was IMR. But I have many cans of H around too and it one of the guns it was definitely what it preferred. Of course any time you get same speed for less pressure, assuming you don't loose performance in other areas, I take less pressure.

We can keep Larry Root and all his idiotic blabber and user names on here, but we can't get Ralph back Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over Even though the thread is about the s i'll offer: With the your golden to 1k.

Least this works in my F-TR gun, 95Palma chamber, 29"three groove. Jump both bullets 0. I use Fed GM primers.

imr 4895 vs h4895

Plans to go the the Nats at Lodi Luke? I really haven't thought about the Nationals, but I sure would like to get better, especially at 1k. Our little group does not mark each shot. So after your sighters, it's 15 downrange and you don't know where in the hell they are going.

This year we plan to mark targets after each 5 shots, so that will help, especially at 1k. I have been shooting off a rest, but I am going to a bipod this year. My competitors use them with good results and it's less stuff to carry around. If I don't compete in the Nationals,I would at least like to come and watch the show, and learn something in the process. This yard thing is a quandry! RL15 is not bad either.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

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imr 4895 vs h4895

Gunner46 Well-known member. Anyone who shoots a based rifle cartridge should have Varget, H and RL on the shelf. I have found that I get at a good load from one of these three whenever I change bullet weight, or brand.

imr 4895 vs h4895

Okbow87 Active member. I wouldn't worry, if H is giving you better accuracy and a speed that is acceptable to you, then there is no real reason to even worry about varget. The only time I would be concerned about running one powder over another, would be the powder giving the better accuracy being a known temperature sensitive powder. In your case, you are talking about two powders that are both hodgdon extreme series powders.Moderators: HobieAmBraCol.

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IMR4895 vs H4895?

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However, I see that can be loaded in and Win. Skimming through reloading manuals I see the pressure for H seems to be constantly lower than similar velocity loads with Then again it seem could serve in and also. But requires more pressure to achieve the same velocity compared to Logically, H kills two birds with one stone for me. So could Inexperience shines through here.

I am missing something that you experienced loaders might know? Theres lots I think that would work well for both. I never used either or so I cant comment on them. It will not achieve the velocity that H will,but it will give very good velocities and lower pressures. H is very accurate in my 22" and I get fps with a Rem jsp with a max load of it out of the Hodgdon manual. It would serve you well in both cartridges. Since it was never made to burn well at low pressures, it does not do near as well at the lower end.

IOW, it is not a great "plinker" powder. It's one shining quality is that it is near "idiot proof" in the Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Feedback View Statistics. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Members Current visitors. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Thread starter Jason Start date Feb 2, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Jason Sergeant. Dec 18, 1 22 GA. Anyone shooting IMR, and how do you like it compared with H? I have had good success with H, but haven't tried the IMR flavor.

Feb 16, 4, 5 0 67 Knoxville TN. Re: IMR vs H? It's a good powder. If you look at the burn rate charts they are listed as the same, or very close. It all depends on who's burn rate chart you look at. Some people say you can use them interchangably. But I would drop a grain or two and work back up to be sure. At the very least, I would test it as a different lot number.

When you finish the tests let us know what you found. That's why some of my data is dated in that manner. Also why I tend to favor IMR slightly. Most of that was available just driving into Knoxville, 25 miles.