Loring roaster price

Nick Brown January 13, Claims not verified or endorsed by Daily Coffee News. Santa Rosa, CA — Loring Smart Roast has announced the addition of their new S15 Falcon coffee roaster that will extend the range of their convection air roasters with paddle stirring into the quarter bag capacity, alongside the half bag Kestrel 35 kg and full bag Peregrine 70 kg roasters.

loring roaster price

The A15 Merlin 15 kg roaster is also available for those seeking an advanced fluid bed roaster. Previously, smaller volume roasters who desired a convection air roaster with paddle stirring had to choose between conventional roasters that relied on inefficient afterburners and limited control of the roast process. Roastmasters using Loring products can now consistently create great tasting coffee. Loring combined this advancement with dramatic fuel savings as a result of eliminating the need for an afterburner found on conventional roasting machines.

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loring roaster price

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You could be up and roasting in just a few weeks versus lead time needed by new roaster manufacturers being 6 to 9 months, or more. It boasts a rapid roasting cycle, ultra-quiet operation, and bean cooling in minutes. The burners are setup for Natural Gas but can be converted to propane. There have been growing pains, wearing different hats that maybe we weren't comfortable with. I knew that I loved coffee. I knew that I wanted During this unparalleled time in world history, it is important that we follow the health safety guidelines so that we can survive and thrive during the difficult times ahead.

Be assured, coffee has been around for thousands of years and Destoners are an essential part of the roasting process, serving as insurance and that extra layer of protection for your equipment, your coffee product, and your reputation.

Click Here! USA Calls Email Your Questions sales coffeetec. Financing Available Options for your business. SELL You won't believe how easy it is for CoffeeTec to sell your used equipment or help you find exactly what you're looking for Sell Now. BUY Don't see what you're looking for?I spent a lot of time searching around the internet and soon realized that there was no information on this coffee roaster….

This got me thinking, what other cool little coffee roasters under 1kg capacity are out there and available to purchase?

This range of coffee roaster capacity has ushered in a new dynamic into the coffee scene because no longer are you restricted to the gram Probat sample roaster which costs a lot. The list of coffee roasters below is not in any particular order, they are just listed. German manufactured and the number one sample roaster of choice for most commercial coffee roasting companies.

Ikawa produce both a Pro roaster version as well as a home version. This is a very popular model due to the connectivity to digital devices in order to roast and record profiles. This coffee roaster produces a very clean and clear flavor as this is an air roaster also the only air roaster to make it onto this list. For more information click here: Ikawa Coffee. Thirdly, the Yang Chia N is a cute little gram coffee roaster. Yang Chia are more famous for their Mini Coffee Roaster. The Huky T is a gram roaster that is quite well known by home based coffee roasters and also by small commercial roasters.

The original Huky was the first model and the new Huky T has improved airflow. The roaster affords the operator variable drum and air control, and comes in an electric and gas version. The Quest M3 coffee roaster is a well known coffee roaster. It has a gram maximum capacity and the heat source is from electric elements. The Arc gram coffee roaster is popular due to its larger capacity. The Behmor Plus is the latest coffee roaster from Behmor. The capacity is grams is runs on electricity.

For more information visit Behmor. The Hottop coffee roaster has been around for quite some time and is known for being a great home roaster. For more information visit: Hottop USA. The Mercury coffee roaster is a fairly new roaster built in Taiwan. The maximum capacity for a roast is grams and the manufacturer claims the minimum roast can be 10grams! For more information visit: Cloud Bean Tech. Each coffee roaster mentioned above should be fully researched before considering a purchase.

Not all of the roasters mentioned here will pass some of the certification in each country due to different regulations. The power source should also be configured correctly for your countries requirements. Always be cautious with gas and have a qualified gas fitter look over your unit if it runs on gas or an electrical engineer if your roaster is powered by electricity. If you believe there are other coffee roasters that deserve a mention, please add them to this list by posting a comment below, alternatively if you think there is information very specific to one of the coffee roasters above then please feel free to post in the comment section.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

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loring roaster price

Home Appliances. Commercial high quality manual probatino coffee roaster for sale. Contact Supplier. Domestic use commercial solar coffee roasters g for sale. The drum is made with double layer heat resistant stainless steel for even heating. The drum also rapid heats and rapid cools for optimal roasting control. Bideli Commercial 1kg electric and gas coffee roaster.

Loring Roaster Air Cool Feature Explained

This kind coffee roaster is suitable for Individual lovers, the office, western-style restaurant coffee house, coffee sales, coffee roasting plant laboratory and so on. Highly cost effective specialty coffee roaster small automatic.

loring coffee roaster for sale

Chinese factory direct commercial sample coffee roaster 1kg for sale. CE Approved 2kg home and commercial hot air drum coffee roaster. SEREN 10kg industrial type coffee beans roaster. Good quality coffee roaster roasting machine in best price. Factory price home coffee roaster 2. Roasting panel is equipped with high temperature glass window, through where can always observe roasting conditions.

A special handle is designed to take roasted coffee beans samplesin order to sampling observation during the roasting process, further grasp bean roasting conditions within the storehouse. It adopts the straight heat,import suction type fan wind is big,ensuring smoke and bean skin can be quickly eduction, which guarantees the roasting quality. Small coffee roaster price.

It 's always used as sample roasting machine for cafe, lab,home and office hotel. The mini roaster machine especially suitable for coffee roasters loving Friends personal enjoying.

After sale service, we have our own team with engineers sloving any problem 24 hours. Features: 1.Forum Rules. Coffee Facts. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Loring -vs- US Roasters 'Revelation'. I'm wondering if anyone here has tried out both these roasters and could give somewhat of a side-by-side comparison. They seem to have a similar basic idea eco-friendly, super-efficient, etc.

To me just on researching themthe Loring looks a bit more "polished" and high-end. You pay for that, of course. Loring seem to be targeting real high end users but I can't justify the cost it comes with. I never use Loring so I can't really give you definitive comparison but for the prices they are asking, I would look at other american made roasters like Probat or Diedrich. Originally Posted by CoffeeJunky.

Both these roasters are recirculating which creates a higher risk of explosions within the roaster if the CO content becomes too high.

This should not occur, but is a risk. Also, I have heard reports of roasters needing to short batch on a Loring in order to achieve a roast time similar to comments on Diedrich on earlier threads. No one wants to invest money into an afterburner; it does nothing to improve the performance of your roaster and dramatically increases your fuel bill. There are now safe, inexpensive alternatives to afterburners for remediation of smoke and odor, which also improve the performance of the roaster itself.

I will write about my experience on the revelation after I have spoken to the manufacturer. I played on one a little bit a couple of weeks ago. I just want to understand the controls a little better before I give my thoughts. The one I used was BIG. Only a 70 kilo but massive compared to my 60 kilo Ambex. Originally Posted by topher. Last edited by almico; at AM. Last month I presented a lecture during World of Coffee in Amsterdam on the 6 current methods for dealing with chaff, dust, smoke and odor.

The lecture included diagrams of the air path on the Revelation and the Loring; both recirculate the air in the roaster and destroy the smoke and odor "insitu". Revelation utilizes a catalytic element on the outlet side of a chaff cyclone to incinerate smoke and odor.

Loring uses a single power burner in the center of their chaff cyclone to provide a single source of heat for roasting and incineration of smoke and odor. I am not certain of the air inside the Revelation, but because the only air entering the Loring comes via that one burner, the air is quickly depleted of oxygen and becomes rich in products of combustion.

Conventional roasters have several alternatives for controlling smoke and odor, starting with afterburners; effective, but at a terrible cost in fuel and to the environment. Electrostatic filters also can be used, but the caveat is they get dirty fast and need frequent cleaning, and they need additional filtration to treat the odor.

Sponsored Links. Replies: 6 Last Post:AM. Replies: 11 Last Post:PM. Replies: 6 Last Post:PM. Replies: 8 Last Post:PM. Anyone ever use a Loring roaster? By cotatiadam in forum Coffee Roasters. Replies: 5 Last Post:PM.As I briefly mentioned in the last postI have worked on two different machines. Looking back, it was kind of cool having the chance to learn to roast on two vastly different roasters.

I attribute learning to use a second machine as a defining moment when I considered myself a Coffee Roaster. It forced me to understand why things were happening rather than just knowing how to follow a roast profile.

I first learned to roast on the Loring. Not only a Loring, one of the first ones ever made. It was difficult to find much help to improve my understanding because every resource seemed to be about drum roasters, and there are a few major differences with a Loring.

loring roaster for sale

The Loring basically works like this: heat is pulled off the burner through a cyclone by a fan, then forced into the inlet of the drum. That heat is then forced through the bed of beans, and pulled out by a return fan that returns the air back into the burner chamber and the process repeats.

Only, the drum is stationary, and the beans are churned by spinning paddles. So, there is no conductive heat, only convective. Heat transfer rates differ drastically between the two methods. This ended up being the biggest difference between the two. The Loring requires a higher relative burner application to achieve similar levels of development.

It took me a long time to figure out what the limits were. There is a lot of information available in print, both physical and digital, that details how a drum roaster works.

They are by far the more commonly used roasters, and in my opinion, are much more intuitive. The one I learned on had some minor airflow and burner modifications, but was mostly as originally designed.

Despite being twice as old as me, it was a remarkably consistent and produced a very good roast. The drum, being cast iron, stored a lot of heat. I suppose it depends who you ask, but to me, this was a major positive. I liked being able to back off the burner application heavily, and let the momentum of the stored drum heat carry me through some portions of the roast.

The most useful feature of the machine though, was the airflow damper. This damper, located behind the impeller fan that pulls the air through the drum could raise or lower the airflow depending on position, thus changing the ratio of convection:conduction.

Proper adjustments can really help minimize some of the variables that we face every day in New England temperature and humidity variance. These two differences, conductive heat and adjustable airflow, really made me feel like I could hit a small sweet-spot on a coffee. It is for this reason that I preferred the Probat over the Loring for brighter fruit, and higher acidity coffees. Costa Rica. CCS Connect. Contact Us.Skip to main content Coffee Roaster Machine.

Currently unavailable. I started roasting coffee in a whirley pop, such that the FreshRoast SR provides stunningly better results. I think this previous experience allowed me to adjust the settings of the SR to achieve my preferred roast with less trial-and-error than other novice roasters.

From reading other reviews before making my purchase, I expected the SR to 1 not move the beans well when I first start it and 2 have a filter that needed cleaning with compressed air. Perhaps FreshRoast has improved its product based on customer complaints, but I found neither of these to be a problem. The newest SR model seems to move beans fairly well from the get-go at the highest fan speedand its top comes apart such that it is super easy to clean chaff from the filter.

Top Ten Coffee Roasters Under 1kg

My only warning is that roasting with the SR does create a See All Buying Options. After 3 months of use and pounds of coffee, it's been a great little roaster for selling coffee at my local farmer's market. While this isn't designed for mass production, I've had no trouble roasting pounds per week and getting very consistent results.

It's exactly as described, so my few complaints can't effect my rating. I love this roaster. I have had 2 other brands. The first one is no longer made but this is much better than Nesco. It's quieter, faster, less smoke, and you have more control. I really don't want to bother with various temperatures and am only concerned with the roast.

You can control the degree of roast by controlling the fan. I drink 2 mugs of coffee a day and do 3 batches that last about a week, the same as the Nesco but the Nesco took way longer and was much more of a mess.

loring roaster price

I love this thing. In Stock. I've been wanting to roast my own coffee beans for so long, and I'm over the moon that I've found this simple, affordable ceramic roaster. No aluminum or plastic! Simple design! Roasts small batches well! For example, it would have been nice for them to warn you Add to cart.

We enjoy the best tasting coffee ever since we bought this machine! Once it made a grinding sound and seemed to stop working, but the US distributor was kind enough to look at it for free.

Maybe there was a bean stuck somewhere is all I can figure because the distributor could find nothing at all wrong and the machine was working perfectly for them. They sent it back and no problems since! Only 1 left in stock - order soon. As a long-time hot air popcorn popper coffee roaster, I find the Nesco CRPR to be both familiar to use and more convenient than the makeshift popcorn popper method. Chaff is well contained; I have to disable my smoke detectors during roasting but I can roast indoors, something I could never do with the popcorn popper, given the way it scattered chaff.

It is easy to program and consistent in its results. I find that it cools the roasted coffee too slowly, so when the roasting part of the program is done I dump the beans into a sieve on top of a horizontal box fan. This both cools the beans and blows away the chaff this is definitely an outdoor job.

You probably should run the roaster through the remainder of the cooling cycle to be kind to the equipment. Been working great