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We are making this list by searching for different sources such as Facebook, Youtube, National News Paper, etc. Other importance thing is you read both Nepali and English Languages. There is listed importance Current Affairs of Nepal for Ashad month These are showing as follows —. Since when has the Kathmandu municipality launched technology-based smart parking service with the objective of solving the problem of cluttered parking?

Who is the most successful player on Forbes' list of the world's highest grossing public players on June ? S ? When the new Emperor of Japan Naruhito was formally enthroned? When was the first Health Rights Year book ever published in Nepal? When was the US - based Space X company launching 24 satellites into space simultaneously?

Who is the record holder in the lowest innings of international cricket with 20 thousand runs scored? How many kilometers of railroad have the government put forward in the next decade?

What is the slogan of National Paddy Day celebrated on Ashad 15? When did the government organize a national labor and employment conference? Where was the conference of the G group of industrialized nations organized in ? According to the constitution of Nepal, how many judges are there in the Supreme Court?

Which day has the government decided to celebrate National Tree Plantation Day? When was the first data center summit organized in Nepal? According to the report of the Human Resource Launch Task Force, formed by the government, Nepal is expected to enter the country. How much manpower with high skills and abilities have been projected by B. When has the government announced a new health policy with the main goal of keeping individuals, families and society accountable for health?

Who was recently appointed as a member secretary of the National Sports Council? According to World Peace Indexhow many places is Nepal in? When has the United States banned its citizens from visiting Cuba?

When and where was the Tourist Information Center established in Nepal? Where was the G Nation Conference held in ? When the result of the first economic calculation of Nepal was made public? According to Doing Business Reporthow many places is Nepal in? Who won the Copa America Football - title in Brazil? When was Morang fully literate district declared? According to a Forbes report released inwho is the youngest entrepreneur to become the youngest billionaire in the world? According to Commercial Coffee Farming Surveywhich is the first district of Nepal in coffee production?You like it or not.

Keti dekhne bittikai bihosa hune vaigyanika ko hun? Sarka krisi sucana kendra kahan raheko cha? Nepalako rastriyaganama kati sabda ra kati ota akshar chan?

Sanyukta rastrasanghako lagi nepalako tarphabata pahilo sthayi pratinidhi ko hun? Nepalako pahilo dharmik sahid ko hun? Rastriya janaganana anusarakati pratisata manisale prakriti dharm mandachan? Ekai over ma cha chakka prahar garne pahilo nepali ko hun?

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Nepalama sarvaprathama kharidara padako suruvata garne vyakti ko hun? Kasako hatyako karan kotparva bhaeko ho? Eka digri desantarako pharak ma kati samayako pharak parcha? Nepalama baneko pahilo rajamarga kuna ho?

nepali gyan

Barseni rastrapati parivartana hune desa kuna ho? Duivata desako rastriyagana racana garne eutai kavi ko huna? Kahile dekhi nepalama paryataka prahari vyavasthako suruvata bhaeko thiyo? Pauranika patra vidura kasaka suputra thiye?? Kavindra bhanera kuna rajalai bhanincha?? Ponthi sunguralai ke bhanincha?? Thank you… update huna paeeko ma ,tara please english lae napali translation chahi sahi lekhnuss.

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nepali gyan

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Check all future satsang dates. Trending Articles.I love learning languages and so I wanted to learn a little Nepali as part of my visit [to Nepal. Contents The Nepali writing system Characters used in the Nepali writing system The Nepali writing system The effective unit or the smallest unit of the Nepali writing system is a syllable consisting of a consonant and vowel CV core, and optionally, one or more preceding consonants.

The orthographic syllable is built up of alphabetic pieces consisting of three distinct character types: consonant letters, independent vowel letters, and dependent vowel signs. Consonant letters by themselves constitute a CV unit, where the V is an inherent vowel. Independent vowel letters also constitute a CV unit, where the C is considered to be null.

A dependent vowel sign is used to represent a V in CV units where V is not the inherent vowel. These characteristics make the Nepali writing system a cross between syllabic writing systems and alphabetic writing systems. Similar to the alphabetic writing systems, it consists of consonants and vowels. However, all vowels cannot be written independently, which does not make it a true alphabetic writing system.

The Nepali writing system also has a feature of the syllabic writing system in that its effective unit is a syllable. However, some aspects of the syllabic writing system are not present in the Nepali writing system. In a syllabic writing system, each syllable is typically represented by one symbol, e. Another distinction is the manner in which syllables starting with the same consonant are written. In syllabic writing systems, there is no regular way or a set pattern on which such syllables are written.

This type of writing system consisting of aspects of both alphabetic writing systems and syllabic writing systems has been termed as abugida, a term proposed by Peter T. Daniels, from the Ethiopian word for the Ge'ez script, an example of such writing system, and in which Ethiopian is written[1].

The Nepali writing system is thus an abugida. Nepali is written in Devanagari script, a descendant of the Brahmi script.

nepali gyan

The Devanagari script is written from left to right and there are no special forms for capital letters. Even though Nepali is written in Devanagari script, the Nepali writing system uses only a subset of characters, not the entire character set, of the Devanagari script. They do not stand alone; rather exist in combination with a consonant letter, e. When a consonant has lost its inherent vowel by the application of a Hal, it is known as a dead constant; in contrast, a live consonant is one that retains its inherent vowel or is written with a dependent vowel sign.

The word Hal refers to the character itself, and Halanta refers to the consonant that has its inherent vowel suppressed.The music was composed by Bakhat Bahadur Budhapirthi in grandfather of musician Louis Banks or Dambar Bahadur Budaprithiand the lyrics were written by Chakrapani Chalise in The song originally had two stanzas, but the Nepalese government dropped the second stanza upon adopting the song as the national anthem.

The stanza that was retained honoured the king. The song has been re-recorded and rendered with the second verse that had largely remained unknown to many. The first four bar of the song features regal orchestral introduction which is soon followed by choir singing.

After the Democracy movement in Nepalthe century-old national anthem was suspended by the Interim legislature of Nepal in Augustafter it was seen as merely glorifying the monarchy instead of representing the nation as a whole. It was replaced by the current state anthem, " Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka ". When officially adopted, the government of Nepal dropped the second stanza of the song. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Love Nepal Blog.

National anthems N-O. Retrieved 17 July Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation. National anthems of Asia. Hidden categories: Articles with hAudio microformats. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Former national anthem of Nepal. English translation Let all enemies disappear, upheavals and unrest calm down. Let the whole world sing in rejoice the glorious story of the lord. Victory to thee, the supreme ruler or Gorkhali. Italics indicates unrecognized or partially-recognized states.