Zpool cache

Let see how we can setup the dedicated log devices to zpool here. Check the zpool status. Add the dedicated log devices to zpool oradata. Creating the zpool with dedicated log devices: You can also create a zpool with log devices using below mentioned command.

Mirror the log device c8t3d0 to another device. Removing the log devices: You can remove the ZIL dedicated log devices from zpool using the below method. Check the log devices. ZFS has two type of caches.

L2ARC Cache devices provide an additional layer of caching between main memory and disk. It increases the great performance of random-read workloads of static content. Here we will see how to setup L2ARC on physical disks.

zpool cache

Let see how we can do it. Creating the zpool with cache devices: You can also directly assign the cache drive to the zpool when you are creating it using below command.

How to have cache and log devices on same zpool? Is it possible? Its possible. As per the above output,we have cache device configured. So lets add the log device.

Removing the cache devices: You can remove the cache device using below command. Thank you for reading this article. Please leave a comment if you have any doubt.

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Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. For an example ,some of the applications may have more read requests than write and databases sends more write requests than read. So according the application,you need to configure the ZFS storage pool aka zpool.This means that up to GB of the most frequently accessed data can be kept in an SSD cache, and when requested does not have to be read from spinning media.

This greatly speeds up access time for files that are frequently used. To add caching drives to your Zpool first run the format command to find the disks that you have in your system.

Once you have run the format command, you should have a list of disks that you can select for your cache drives. Select the ones that you would like to use Our cache drives are c4t2d0 and c4t3d0 and issue this command :.

Once you issue that command, it should add the cache drives to the zpool. Do you know? So would it be faster with four G drives vs 2 G? Assuming the rest of the specs are equal? I would assume the read performance of cached blocked would be better with four GB drives than with two GB drives, but I have not tested to confirm. But I would not recommend using all of your ARC that way.

You will need some ARC for other things. For example, if you use deduping, you will need a lot of ARC available to handle that. You mentioned that you will have a 90TB system. The total raw disk space is not important when discussing caching. The working set size the amount of information getting accessed frequently is the really important value.

What is your working set size? In most of our servers, we have a few hundred GB that gets accessed frequently regardless of how many TB of storage. If you can, try to get enough L2ARC to cache most of the working set. You must be logged in to post a comment. Select the ones that you would like to use Our cache drives are c4t2d0 and c4t3d0 and issue this command : zpool add tank cache c4t2d0 zpool add tank cache c4t3d0 Once you issue that command, it should add the cache drives to the zpool.

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ZFS – ZPOOL Cache and Log Devices Administration

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Expanding a zpool and adding ZIL (log) and L2ARC (cache)

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Is it safe to remove an SSD cache drive from a zpool?

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Is it safe to remove an SSD cache drive from a zpool? Thread starter Steve Lumponalog Start date Aug 1, Steve Lumponalog Junior Member. Joined Dec 26, Messages There isn't a way to do that from the GUI, so I've been reading up on the zpool command.

What's the next step to remove the cache device entirely? Or might it destroy the zpool data? The FreeBSD man page for zpool states: zpool remove pool device Removes the specified device from the pool. This command currently only supports removing hot spares, cache, and log devices.

A mirrored log device can be removed by specifying the top-level mirror for the log. Non-log devices that are part of a mirrored configuration can be removed using the " zpool detach " command.To create a storage pool, use the zpool create command. This command takes a pool name and any number of virtual devices as arguments. The following command creates a new pool named tank that consists of the disks c1t0d0 and c1t1d0 :. Data is dynamically striped across both disks. To create a mirrored pool, use the mirror keyword, followed by any number of storage devices that will comprise the mirror.

Multiple mirrors can be specified by repeating the mirror keyword on the command line. The following command creates a pool with two, two-way mirrors:. The second mirror keyword indicates that a new top-level virtual device is being specified. Data is dynamically striped across both mirrors, with data being redundant between each disk appropriately. Adding another set of disks for an additional top-level virtual device vdev to an existing mirrored configuration.

For more information, see Adding Devices to a Storage Pool. Attaching additional disks to an existing mirrored configuration. Or, attaching additional disks to a non-replicated configuration to create a mirrored configuration. Replacing a disk or disks in an existing mirrored configuration as long as the replacement disks are greater than or equal to the size of the device to be replaced.

For more information, see Replacing Devices in a Storage Pool. Detaching a disk in a mirrored configuration as long as the remaining devices provide adequate redundancy for the configuration. Splitting a mirrored configuration by detaching one of the disks to create a new, identical pool.

zpool cache

You cannot outright remove a device that is not a log or a cache device from a mirrored storage pool. An RFE is filed for this feature. You can install and boot from a ZFS root file system. Review the following root pool configuration information:.

The root pool must be created as a mirrored configuration or as a single-disk configuration. You cannot add additional disks to create multiple mirrored top-level virtual devices by using the zpool add command, but you can expand a mirrored virtual device by using the zpool attach command.

If you attempt to use an unsupported configuration for a root pool, you see messages similar to the following:. Creating a single-parity RAID-Z pool is identical to creating a mirrored pool, except that the raidz or raidz1 keyword is used instead of mirror. The following example shows how to create a pool with a single RAID-Z device that consists of five disks:.

This example illustrates that disks can be specified by using their shorthand device names or their full device names. You can create a double-parity or triple-parity RAID-Z configuration by using the raidz2 or raidz3 keyword when creating the pool.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Stale zpool. It would be useful if we had a command to refresh the zpool. It could be called zpool refresh. Yes, the zpool.

However, I'd rather just completely remove the need for it and start relying on udev instead for this. There's some discussion of this in issue but we haven't quite gotten to implement it yet.

Although I suspect we will in the next 6 months or so. Removing zpool.

zpool cache

It might also pose problems for zdb, which I believe depends on it. Alternatively, we should be able to address the current issues by implementing zpool refresh to generate a fresh zpool. We might also want to talk to the ZFS Working Group to get their feedback on this so that it can be implemented consistently across implementations, but their input is not quite as important for it.

Since zdb is dependant on the version of zfs runnin it could also pull the needed data from somewhere else eg. In case extra features are introduced i would vote to create a seperate executeable ztool to invoke them instead of messing up zpool or zfs commands. In case the feature is taken up in upstream be it oracle or illumous it could be moved to zpool or zfs later and left in ztool to keep backward compatibility of existing scripts. If we provide a command to generate the zpool.

Actually, I wasn't thinking of completely dropping support for the zpool. We should probably leave it as an option just for legacy reasons. This is the only clean way I can think of to support importing the pool at a correct time when all the block devices are being added added dynamically.

It's certainly probably worth starting a discussion with the rest of the ZFS working group however it's not clear to me they'll care to much as long as we don't break compatibility. My understanding is that aside from MacOS all the other platforms still do system start up entirely synchronously.

Maybe, it also generates a new guid for the pool which might be undesirable. Although in practice I suspect not many people care what their pool guid is. Do we need something with more functionality? I'd like to see that command wrapped in a better mnemonic. I don't think we need anything else. Does this affect the operation of the zdb command? Also the Slack wiki mentions to delete the zpool.

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ZFS Feature Overview

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zpool cache

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